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The Oval Program

The Oval Program PRE-APPLICATION FORM is now ONLINE! If you are interested in the program, please submit your pre-application form. Once our High Performance directors review your PRE-APPLICATION, you will be invited to submit a FORMAL APPLICATION if you are eligible for the program. Please note, all applications are subject to approval by the Oval Program Directors. Those who do not meet the necessary requirements are recommended to join the Calgary Speed Skating Association.

The Olympic Oval has been providing high performance coaching and training to long track and short track athletes for the past two decades.  The Olympic Oval Programs were established shortly after the 1988 Winter Olympics when there was an apparent need for high level coaching for Canadian and international athletes who had relocated to Calgary to train.

Since that time, the Olympic Oval's short and long track programs have grown to more than 150 athletes and employ more than 10 speed skating coaches (full and part time).  Oval Program athletes range in performance starting at provincial team level up to National Team level.  Currently, there are athletes from more than 16 countries from around the world (Canada, Argentina, Austria, Belarus, Columbia, China, Greece, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Latvia, New Zealand, United States, Ukraine, Sweden, and Switzerland) training in Olympic Oval speed skating programs.

The Olympic Oval short and long track programs continue to be the leaders in sport development and research.  Athletes in this program have had tremendous success in setting world records, winning medals at Olympics, World championships, World Cups, and qualifying for National teams.

Athletes who join the Oval program are assigned a primary coach and training group depending upon their age, level of performance, area of specialization, and compatibility with the training group.  Coach to athlete ratios range from 12-20 athletes per training group/coach.

Athletes who join Olympic Oval programs are required to be very committed athletes, both capable of and willing to train 5-6 days per week, 1-2+ sessions per day.  There are very high expectations of the athletes in the program to raise their level of performance through team work, professionalism, hard training, and focus.

Program descriptions
The Olympic Oval offers several different high performance speed skating programs depending upon the speed, age, and experience of the athletes applying.

The Oval Program - This is our highest level training program with provincial, national and international athletes comprising the training groups.  To gain admission, athletes must have recently achieved a performance time standard for their age classification. Athletes must also meet the application deadline to ensure a spot before reaching our maximum capacity. All eligible athletes who apply must be 16 years of age before the start date of the Oval Program for that year. We strongly recommend that any athletes who are not of legal age have guardianship in Calgary. Training groups within the program will be dependent upon performance times, ability, age, training group dynamics and specialization.

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