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Western Elite Circuit (WEC) Oktoberfest Day 1 Wrap Up

Submitted by ryan.ohashi on Fri, 10/16/2015 - 4:03pm

WEC kicks off with 1500m & 500m preliminaries; Semi-Finals and Finals set for Saturday
The Western Elite Circuit (WEC) fired up this morning with Oktoberfest at the University of Calgary Olympic Oval. The WEC includes three events and two venues – WEC #1 (Oktoberfest) at the Calgary Oval (October 16-18th) and WEC #2 at the Richmond Oval (December 4-6th).  The circuit will then return to Calgary to wrap up with the final event WEC #3 (Winterfest) on February 18-21st.  At the end of the competitions the rankings will be split into two separate age categories – U-17 and Open. The total number of points for the circuit will breakdown as such: 20% - Oktoberfest, 40% - WEC #2 (Richmond) and 40% - Winterfest.

Day 1 of Oktoberfest brought with it the 1500m preliminaries, 500m preliminaries and 500m quarters.  Oval coached Jacob McKenzie had the fastest time of the 1500m mens preliminaries with a 2:15.033.  The Ontario native was followed closely behind by a pair of his Oval teammates; Saskatchewan’s Jesse Slusar (2:15.305) and Keegan Christ (2:15.842).  In the Ladies preliminaries, a trio of Oval coached athletes led by Canadian National Development team skater Keri Morrison took the top spots.  Morrison finished her heat with a time of 2:24.794, her Oval teammates Isabelle Carrier (2:25.030) and Kaelin McNally (2:25.103) rounded out the top 3.  The 1500m semi-finals and final are set for Saturday morning starting at 10:00AM.

The 500m preliminaries ended with a pair of Oval coached internationals leading the ladies division.  The Malisewska sisters Patricia and Natalya clocked in times of 0:44.546 and 0.44.585 respectively to lead the field in qualifying for the quarters.  Both Patricia and Natalya then won their respective heats in the quarters as did Morrison who posted a time of 0:44.964.  Ian Smibert (0:42.452), McKenzie (0:42.459) and Christ (0:42.913) led qualifying on the mens division.  All three were also able to capture their respective heats in the 500m quarters.  The 500m semi-finals & final are set for Saturday afternoon starting at approximately 12:35PM.

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